Hayley Style

Femke Tewari-Hayley Style1.jpg

Hayley Style is a long time client of mine. These images are from the first shoot we did during a re-branding exercise. With the photographs from that shoot I also designed a look book for them that was instrumental in substantially increasing sales of their most high end items.

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Eliani Jewelry

Femke Tewari Eliani1.jpg

Robin and Ohad Eliani wanted me to capture the story of their brand. They custom design large high-end jewelry featuring BIG stones (the kind a girl has on her wish list most of the time). The couple also wanted to show the world them as owners and husband and wife. And of course we also needed photographs of a few of their signature pieces.

Most of the images were captured indoors using natural light.

Femke Tewari Eliani Jewelry2.jpg

School of Shanti

Femke Tewari yoga1.jpg

Owner and yoga instructor Marlene Russino needed personal branding images for her website and social media presence. I needed to make sure to capture her bubbly personality which wasn’t hard to do. We ended up in an olive orchard filled with donkeys. They loved her on the spot.

We did part of the shoot in her studio, part in the stunning surrounding country side.

Femke Tewari yoga2.jpg

Artesano Studio Shoot

Artesano sells Panama hats and bags made by Ecuadorian artisans. By doing this, the company supports many local communities in the country. Owners Claudia and Xavier both hail from Ecuador and are focused on making sure all they make is sustainably produced. You can find their products in luxury resort stores around the globe.

Femke Tewari-artesano-5-Edit.jpg
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Femke Tewari-artesano-76-Edit.jpg
Femke Tewari-artesano-120-Edit.jpg

Sail Sardinya

Femke Tewari Sardinia.jpg

Sail Charter wanted me to capture what it is like to come sailing and snorkeling with them for a day in the amazing waters around Capo Caccia. The area around Alghero, Sardinia is one of the most beautiful I have ever come across on this planet. And I’ve seen a lot!

The company showcased the photographs on social media, their website and for their brochure.

Femke Tewari Sardinia 2.jpg

Sea Lily Resort Wear

We flew to The Bahamas to shoot lifestyle images and create photographs to enhance the resort feel of the brand. The photographs feature on the brand’s website, social media and look books. Several images were blown up to larger than life-size and used as banners for the company’s Miami Swim Week trade show booth.

Femke Tewari for Sea Lily.jpg