Hi there! I’m Femke, a Dutch, Miami-based travel and lifestyle photographer & blogger. I help hotels, restaurants and lifestyle style companies with visual content for branding and social media presence.

Imagine having a solid social media strategy with a variety of high quality images to post every day. Images that represent your brand. Images that engage and connect with your audience. And now imagine that all that just takes you a few hours each 3 months and then you can almost forget about it. With just a few shoots a year you will have a great image to post every single day. And fresh images for your website, newsletter and ads.

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People love stories. Like the story behind your brand. The story of people that enjoy your resort or your fashion pieces. Or your story as the business owner - why you do what you do. What drives you. The more you share about yourself, the more people will know, like and trust you. And in the digital world, that’s everything.

I encourage clients to think about 6-9 stories they want to tell. We create images for each of those and you alternate when you post. This way, when visitors see your Instagram grid, they instantly get the whole picture of what your brand is, who you are and what you believe in.

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Many resorts only share images of their property. And although they’re usually great visuals, there are so many more photos you can share that give potential guests and idea what it’s like to stay with you and all the things they can experience.

For resorts, the stories are literally endless. You can share posts with lifestyle images - people enjoying their stay and posts with the activities guests can do during their stay. Like surfing, sailing, yoga, fishing, sightseeing, etc.

Experiences you offer like for example your spa, getting beauty treatments and massages should also feature on your feed. And posts about your restaurant, your chef, the kind of food he/she creates. Or stories about quaint towns and their history in the area that surrounds you.

And then there’s the story of you, the owner. Perhaps you have a strong passion for preserving the environment. Sharing this is a great way to connect with the kind of guests you wan to attract.

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Fashion, Accessories and Lifestyle brands

Many brands only post to promote the products they want to sell. This is a mistake. In order to connect with your potential customers, tell them the story behind the brand, tell them your story and what moved you to start your business. Tell them what you stand for.

Authentic lifestyle images of people wearing or enjoying your products are important. Rather than just fashion photography, show your audience how/where/when your stuff comes in handy. Some hats for example come in handy while traveling, jewelry pieces for engagements, weddings and high end events, and resort wear while on holiday, lounging by the pool, etc.

The story behind your brand is important too. If local artisans in a developing country make your hats and this is your way of supporting communities and help them educate their children, you HAVE to share this. OFTEN.

Who designs your pieces? How? Where? Show images. The more people know about all the effort that goes into creating your pieces, the more they will want to own one.

People also want to know that there’s an actual human being behind your brand. The more you share about yourself, the more likely your clients will find that you have things in common. Especially your ideal clients.

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My fees include extremely flexible usage rights, which means that you can (and should) use the photographs not only on social media but on your website, your blog, news letter and print ads. I even printed large wall art pieces for one of my clients who moved into a new office space. They look ridiculously awesome!

You will see that even the copy writing for each post becomes easy once you have story-telling images as a base. I encourage you to re-use your copy. For example, if you write a newsletter each month, why not take parts to be used as blog posts? You can then promote your blog posts on instagram, and send traffic to your website. 



Step 1 - Contact Me

If you think you’d like to work with me, the best thing to do is to fill out the contact form below or call me at 305.542.6759. We’ll have a quick, no-strings-attached, chat and, if it looks like we’re a good fit, we’ll set a date for an in-person or on-skype brainstorming session.

Step 2 - Brand & Brainstorming Session

Ideally I’d like to meet in person, but if you’re far away we’ll Skype. We get to know each other, discuss your brand, and the stories you’d like to share on social media. I’ll give you some tips on how to set up a solid strategy with the help of story-telling images. We plan the stories that we’ll shoot and go over locations and models (professional or not) that we’ll need for the shoot. We go over what package best suits your needs.

Step 3 - Pre-Shoot Preparation

Don’t worry, I’ll hold your hand. If you have any questions, just ask.

For many sessions we’ll need models. I can recommend some that I’ve worked with before. I also have a little black book with great hair & makeup artists. Some models are pretty good with their own hair & makeup. Sometimes we’ll work with regular people. Authentic images don’t always require professional models. I have worked with all kinds of people and I’m pretty good at making everyone look great.

Some clients want to organize all the outfits for the shoot themselves, others leave everything up to me. Either is fine, but I usually advise a little here and there to make sure the outfits we choose look good in images.

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Step 4 - The Photo Shoot

The estimated time it takes to shoot depends on the package you chose, how much time you want to allocate and what your needs are. For the 3 story quarterly package, the shoot can last anywhere from 4-8 hours. I can work fast if you need me to. For the 1 story monthly package, we’ll be done in 1-2 hours.

Step 5 - Post Shoot

After the shoot, I make a selection of the best images, post process them and give them my unique look. If you like, I can crop to the exact sizes for your different social media, website and print needs.

Step 6 - Your Images Are Ready

Within 10 days, I’ll share your images in a Dropbox folder, which I encourage you to download instantly. I’ll give you a diverse range of images (the number depends on your package) that all look different enough that you can use every single one of them on your feed without looking repetitive.


The BrandAlign package serves to analyze your brand. Specifically we’ll look how different media outlets reflect your brand. For example, is your Instagram feed in line with your website and other branding? We sit down for 1-2 hours and go over your business, and I will point out where improvements can be made and how.

My fee is based on the number of stories we shoot and the number of images you require. If we shoot 3 stories in a day (as in the once a quarter shoot) - we break up the shoot in 3 different parts. One part may be lifestyle images, the other closeups & product images and the third part may be photographing you and your story.

Shooting one story usually takes about 2 hours and will get you about 35 images, good for one month of daily posts. If you decide you’d like to shoot once a quarter, I’ll plan to shoot 3 stories for you at a time and create about 100 images, which is just nice for 3 months of daily posts.


Brandalign - $390

Brand alignment analysis and consult.

You’ll receive detailed advice on how to improve your on-line visual presence.



We shoot 3 stories once a quarter

You’ll receive 100 post-ready images - good for 3 months of daily posts.

We have an annual contract.


single shoot - $1190

If you want to see what it’s like to work me, you can choose to do just a single 1 story shoot.

You’ll receive 35 post-ready images.


If you’d like to work with me OR if your needs don’t exactly fit in one of those package, just mail me at or give me a call at 305.542.6759 so we can chat about a unique solution for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

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