Welcome! I’m Femke - I’ve been a photographer for the past decade, working with a range of commercial, editorial and private clients in Florida, The Caribbean and further away. Born and raised in The Netherlands, I lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the US before settling down in Miami. My style is natural and editorial, minimalist yet colorful. Click here to see my client list and where my work has been featured.

My Life

Growing up in rainy Holland, I always felt restless. I left right after University for Asia and lived in Singapore & Hong Kong, working in finance. Always dreamed of traveling for a year. So I did. Alone. With just my backpack all over the globe. Met my Nepali husband in India (Eat, Pray, Love, anyone?). We got married. Had a daughter in Singapore and adopted another from Malaysia. We moved back and forth between San Francisco, New York and Singapore before settling in Miami. We added two scruffy mutts to our family who now rule the house. We decided never to move again. Fingers crossed.



I know we look a little different from most families but we like us just fine. Our bragging rights: we’re all different shades, with our doggies on both ends of the spectrum. We were all born in different countries, covering Nepal, Holland, Singapore and Malaysia. And both dogs in the USA. Guess who are king and queen of the house? Right. Blind Murfy (the fuzzy white one) and miss Sadie. Both adopted from Hollywood, FL.


Over coffee, a glass of wine or for a walk on the beach. Tell me your story and maybe I can help you out.

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